Reviews for "The advantages of AS."

It's awesome!

Learned a few things from it. And Pieman4, ya douchebag, people make tutorials in order to show people how to do things. Alot of people want to learn how to do things like this, so people make tutorials. If you can't see that, then you're retarded or something. Oh, and BTW, nice preloader.

gypsy-love responds:

Thanks. But I didn't make the preloader. I was denvish. But thanks for the aswesome review.


wow so much useful codes on one place! thats one of the best tutorials!!


XD haha I loved the part where the guy gets hit by the train. lol! good job. But no really...<3333333333333 and more. nice work. goooooooood codes and errything. :D

nice ^_^

good tut on how to create some cool fx ^^

you spelled my name wrong several times, d00d :P

i know i just told you, but this way people will know who really gave you some codes without searching for the misspelled version of the name :P


i liked it, and i ought try out that fireworks code...looks interesting. you um, never really taught anyone the advantage of actionscript, because all this stuff could be tweened, itd just be hard ;)