Reviews for "The advantages of AS."


wow so much useful codes on one place! thats one of the best tutorials!!

i finally learned something this month

cool. i like that tutorial. i hope it doesnt get blammed cause im planning on looking at it again sometime.

gypsy-love responds:

Thanks. I will update it WHEN it passed judgement.

It's awesome!

Learned a few things from it. And Pieman4, ya douchebag, people make tutorials in order to show people how to do things. Alot of people want to learn how to do things like this, so people make tutorials. If you can't see that, then you're retarded or something. Oh, and BTW, nice preloader.

gypsy-love responds:

Thanks. But I didn't make the preloader. I was denvish. But thanks for the aswesome review.


Why another turtorial why? i thought they were over.

gypsy-love responds:

No, this wasn't a tutorial.


1. I thought Inglor was supposed to submit it.

2. It wasn't good, the point in AS threads is to TEACH actionscript, not to give a code to be copy & pasted.

3. You didn't include all the tutorials.

4. Your AI thing didn't work.

5. It wasn't the original work of the writers.

6. You didn't credit all the authors.

7. It doesn't really teach anything.

8. FOSS: Main could have been done like that since it's just codes, no explanations nor comments.

gypsy-love responds:

Toast. Hello. What do you mean inglor was supposed to submit it? I wasn't trying to teach actionscript. I was showing the advantages of learning actionscript. FOSS: Main is dead.