Reviews for "Seventies Strollin"


The animation was very nice and spiff use of masks and depth... Like a lot of movies around here, needs a story. But, It looks quite nice!

Amish-Tech responds:

This was all generaly made around the song. And the song was only as long as it was.

Good, yet not even a minute long!

Good movie. The good things: Music, the guitar perspective (cool.), and the light thingy at the end. The bad things: Tooooo short, and that guy didn't walk good. I hope it gets protected.


An interesting short, nice one.

Not Bad

The animation wasn't that bad, nice music that added some flair especially the huge guitar but there needs to be a story. Good job though.


too many curves! needs more straight lines! and a plot/story line. not to much to say about it, other then it is too short.