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Reviews for "HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away"

This was one of the best flash on whole newgrounds

im really sad that i havent see your flash before.
Im sure this is my favorite flash lists number one forever!!!
I hope you do more flash movies or games relatived to half-life 2 and more flash like this. Flash like this NEED more support!


Excedeingly good

Watching that, I had a sudden urge to play Half Life 2 again, a lot, possibly forever.

That song was very good, as was the video.

Hmm, that sounded lifeless. Who cares? The movie rocks, really.

orgasmish....truely orgasmish

omg i liked this video almost as much as i loved the actuale game n tht says alot cuz i loved the game

good stuff

good choice on the song. maybe you can do it again but with Halo3 or something. good job!

got to love it