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Reviews for "HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away"

Oh yeah !

Fucking good ! I'll replay Hafl-Life 2 again you revived my fun for this game ! And I remember when i'd play the Half-Life beta version :D !
You're great continu ! You'll get more awards I know !

great movie!

That was really good! you really gave half life 2 justice, I've seen some bad HL2 flashes before, so I was slightly skeptical, but you certainly shown me wrong! keep up the good work!

and master chief has nothing, and I mean NOTHING, on gordon freeman =P

This just makes me wanna go back n beat it!

HL2 is by FAR the most innovative FPS (and PC game) ever made, there are just no words to describe my fanboy-ism about it! Now with this astounding piece of quality work it makes me love it even more, and im sure your a fan of the game quite alot as i can see and hear from this work of genius.

5/5 and 10/10! GODLIKE!


I saw at least one of everything there is in Half Life 2... the sign being pulled down, the Ant Lions, Combine weenies dying here and there, even the boom from that tower thing at the end of both ur movie AND Half Life 2! It rocked good job!!

Very nice

The drawings were spot on, the music fit perfect, and it seems that you're a pretty big HL2 fan.

Fantastic stuff man.

Gave you a 1 in humor for when Dog smashed the combine with the car.