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Reviews for "HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away"


I always thought the song fit Half life better than halo.


i've played half life 2 and this song is exactly like how it is only the strongest survive this film rocks ^_^


Halo 2 Rocks But Breakin Benjamin Rock Harder


NOW I WANNA BUY HALF-LIFE 2!!!!!! LOL IM going to the store now to buy it!


That's awesome man, great choice of music I think it all works out together smoothly, its awesome, and plus you have given an accurate version idea of half life two you acctually made it exactly as the game was, no modifications, its awesome, plus the animation was some of the best I've ever seen,, it sounded great especially with the actual sounds from the game, I would love to see more music videos done by you, GREAT JOB!