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Reviews for "Super Mario Orchestral"

nice job!

great job, nice graphics they were awsome :) how did you get the sound too that was sooo cool


I love classical/Orchestrated music, And you put animation to it makes it kickass, plus how mario dies at the end, very original. good job.

Very cool

I like this a lot, and I also love the music! I felt the mario sprites weren't very tight, they seemed too curvy, unless that was your intention. I thought the best part of the movie was the ending with bowser because what he did really synced to the music well, unlike the other parts of the movie. The conductor through the beginning seemed like a waste of space, because all he really did was take up space on the screen, you could have got rid of him altogether and it wouldn't make a difference. Very cool style and original too.

good job

i like it. the part where bowser kills mario is funny. i also like it because it has style in it.

Not, Bad, Not to..Good

Okay! That really wasn't very good. You could have had a plot...and maybe some good graphics...and maybe some help? I dunno, not one of the best out there.