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Reviews for "Super Mario Orchestral"

mario music is always good.this is good keep it up

proper music video with mario. the toads made me laugh, especially the one who plays the 2 drums. bowser looks good, aswell.

one word for you...PERFECT!!

good music graphics where kind of choppy but i liked it you should make a musical that tells the game but with some songs like classic video game songs you understand right?!

dont llike it

this one is funny, but i don't like the part where bowser kicks mario away, but i like bowsers part of the orcestra!

Not bad, not bad at all

I liked it...but then again, I am a sucker for music. Could stand to be a few songs longer, but I shan't complain.

Should of just been audio.

The song was great, but animation was way below even okay. It just kind of seemed like you just did random copy and pastes or something. Well no that doesn't make since but neither does a fireball going backwards, and more than three notes, being played, on three shell things. And what's with all the random pop up things when bowser comes in. It like shows one of the shell things, toad, then another shell thing. WTF??? Unless you composed the music, which I highly doubt.....very highly doubt, try harder next time.