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Reviews for "Roadkill and Juliet"


I really liked it, but it bored me and I had to close it. You have pretty good graphics for a second attempt at flash, but your unfamiliarism (Is that a word?) with flash kind of shows when the chick walked away, and you used some kind of zoom effect. Still darn good though.

Skaijo responds:

Aw... then you missed the part where the bird crashed through the window and blew up an entire science building... shame on you. xD

Unfamiliarism... I like it.

This was really good

Me and my sis really liked it. We watched it once. My sister wanted to cry, but she couldn't find a tear well this had damn well better get FRONT PAGE!!! dont make me use 3 !'s to prove how much i want it on the damn front page. This is better than most garbage on the front page. i like this alot. OMFG TEH FRONT PAGE IS TEH kaWaii :P Lol! I'll see you on the front page. well at least teh submission my sister is hitting me lol g2g bye!

Skaijo responds:

I guess her hitting paid off. I really appreciate the love, Rich. I almost cried myself on that last scene. *insert bawling emoticon

Beautifal... truly a peice of art, this is a 5

I loved the art work and the whole story plot line was good, the music fitted in good with it too, alot of funny and weird, like the guy with the tight shorts :S. but honestly a true piece of art. great job!

Love the concept

And great song choice too =)

Skaijo responds:


It is Really Funny

It is really funny, I must say, I love the violence the Bird, the Violence, the Chemestry, The Violence and some more stuff too. I've also Nominated you for Music and Valentines Collections