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Reviews for "Roadkill and Juliet"


I really liked it, but it bored me and I had to close it. You have pretty good graphics for a second attempt at flash, but your unfamiliarism (Is that a word?) with flash kind of shows when the chick walked away, and you used some kind of zoom effect. Still darn good though.

Skaijo responds:

Aw... then you missed the part where the bird crashed through the window and blew up an entire science building... shame on you. xD

Unfamiliarism... I like it.

loved it

that was frankly fucking brilliant for your 2nd attempt at flash, hats off to you sir. *adds to favourite submissions and gives you a big juicy 5.*

Skaijo responds:

Dude, I am so stressed out right now. This Under Judgement thing literrally has my hands shaking so bad I can't even type. I seriously appreciate your words, man. Anything to calm me down.


I was surprised at how clever and well made this was. The graphics were superb, and the story was pretty funny.

Nice choice of music too.

The scene where the hawk guy is first introduced is fucking gold.

love it

i like this submition becuase it has alot of meaning to it. even though the girl is falling in love with the bird (which is wierd) the cartoon still makes alot of sense. great music and keep up the good work

I'm scared now..

i dont review stuff much but ive just been watchin all ur stuff n decided u were worthy of my tym... *rolls eyes*
agen that was a great flash and i loved the way it was all black and white really except 4 the lil rat demon thingy and the girl wiv the blue on her very stylish =P

but another reason i chose 2 review this is cuz even tho the flash made me laff loads...ur review of the ovas guys review...well im still laffin =) but im kinda scared now i dnt want u 2 review my review so im actually tryin and now im scared but im tryin....*breathes*

anyways....good flash n ill doubt ull c this review ever but i hope it boosts ur rating. keep it up