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Reviews for "Veridian Moon"


I really like this a lot. It has such an airy atmosphere, yet is dark and brooding. When the oboe comes in, it almost sounds warrior-esque. The atmosphere is perfect for a scene with the main warrior preparing himself for battle.

Maybe he is going through a ritualistic dance, something very fluid and graceful. Because that is what this piece is, not to mention so smooth. It is so rich in color, taste, and emotion, let alone simple sound. This has a very vibrant life given timbre as well, which just fits with the visual of the warrior before battle even more.

The actual note for note writing is wonderful. But for me to sit and discuss chords and and notes would simply be a disservice to this piece. So I am not even going to bother with that.

The percussion is perfect in every way shape and form, and I wanted to make sure I expressed that. It is expressive, dominant, and strong, yet not overbearing in the least. The percussion has a very rich timbre, and really fills in with the rest of the ensemble beautifully. It truly is perfectly written my friend, and a true joy to behold and listen to.

Flaws? I feel none in this song. My ears, my mind, and my body are all telling me that this has no flaws. It is what it is, and you were simply the one that was honored enough to allow this song to be birthed. Almost like it has always been with us, we just were not able to interact with it until it allowed you to make that possible for us.

Wonderful my good friend, simply wonderful.

5/5 and 10/10 overall. This has been favorited!


Aeris responds:

Thanks, it's an installment of another piece, Blood Moon, that i wasn't able to put up x3

Blood Moon is very dark and brooding, kinda cultish. colors portrayed are obvious: black and red, Veridian moon has greens and whites.

the brooding tones in the beginning and end are "shifting passages" if you'd like. Thanks for another awesome review ^^