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Reviews for "Veridian Moon"

I agree, very primal

Good stuff all around, I like the main melody a lot...it reminded me of some midnight Native American ritual dance or something, pretty epic. Good thing you got Gravey to master this one for ya, he's pretty freaking epic lol. I think the only thing I don't like about it is that it feels that the strings go a little bit too high in places, almost unrealistically. However, the vision of the song is what keeps this one persistent in particular, and I can't really complain about anything much; it was supposed to be somewhat ambient and open, so I understand why the instrumentation and effects were kept to a minimum. Good job man, keep it up!

Aeris responds:

Thanks, Gravey and I are really close friends, we both started up on newgrounds at about the same time, so asking him to master my stuff wasn't too big x3; I just don't really pay as much attention to Newgrounds as much as he does.

I wasn't going for a very realistic sound here, so the strings comment would make sense. Thanks for the review! And if you're interested in more of my mature music, I should have stuff up on http://ww w.artistcrazemedia.com/ in a week or so.

Thanks again,