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Reviews for "Pallid Fingers"

Now I got to Go Wacth Salad Fingers

I wacthed this cause you did that Jeeves volley ball thing, thought it was funny. The vocies were really good usally the voices for some of these flash just ruin it but yours didn't :D!

PS: You owe me 3 hours of my life back for that Jeeves Volleyball game...


I love you for this....
please, become famous!
I love your humor!
I think I'll go stalk you now....

you put the drinks in that toilet didnt u...

my secoud of all time fav flash 1st one is pallid fingers 1!!!

That white dude wants to be black sooooooo bad!

Very good! I liked the wigger at the begining!

Great Flash

But How could the Guy with no arms step on the gas if his feet are on the steering wheel? :S