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Reviews for "Pallid Fingers"


HAHA, That was awesome, I just couldn't stop laughing!!!

Yo, wuddap, word... word. :)


I loved the Harry guy at the end, I was laughing so much at the end, I almost threw up!



rtil responds:

You almost threw up?! Oh man! Please don't do that. I am happy albeit a little disturbed that you love me, but perhaps I can deal with it. :P


Dude i laughed almost all the way through it, the sounds and animations were sweet too, i got a feeling though that some folks may not get it but when they finally do there gonna laugh there ass off *LMAO* good job man, ROCK ASS!

In a way...better than Salad Fingers

I think this was better than Salad Fingers because it wasn't so bloody creepy. BUT it was still wierd, so that's good. lol. Anyway I think you did a really good job on that. The "black gangsta" guy was making me crack up!! GOOD JOB

Nice Fan Art...I say...

So this was best parody ever from one of david firth stuff....u got the draw style very good...and the other things ^-^ stay in paroieng xD


i thought this was the bomb. I love the characters that you have made. Simple and fun. Love the way salad fingers was in the bowl. Heehee, very good, i would love to see more please