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Reviews for "Pallid Fingers"

I am confused

Perhaps a more sensical animation next time.


I saw many movies from David Firth, I love Salad Finger and Toast Boy. I must tell you that your movie was not really connected to Salad Fingers, you just showed two characters from David's creation. Your movie was... boring, it was just purely boring and until the world gained colors I really had to sit on my hands just to stop myself from closing your movie. Even after things changed movie was still boring. I know, I know, characters are supposed to be strangely calm, but this is really, really just boring, you could at least put some music in the first part, it would really help. Voice quality was really nice, i didn't have any problems with understanding what guys were talking about so you got some points for that. Conversation and topics were not really that interesting, some blah blah shit, and like i said before it was just boring conversation. That 'strange' waiter was talking too much and too slow, to long time between sentences... Damn i wanted to give you 7 stars but with every moment i'm thinking about lower score :P. Well i liked how you draw Hubert (looks like original = looks good to me) and that customer. Don't think that i didn't really watched all your movie, i saw it whole and i still think there was not enough interesting stuff in it. Okay, that's enough for a review.

Strange and scary things are nicier when they are NOT BORING. Think about it :]. Cheers.

awesome.too awesome for words.....

all i got to say is above. although it could be a bit longer...


I have been looking all over for this video!!!!!!
It's amazing and hilarious!!!!!!
I would give it a 1000000000000000000000000000/10 if I could.

Comment to Kratos-Aurion7

Dude... its just a different style and its supposed to be freaky and that still.

By the way good vid!