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Reviews for "Pallid Fingers"


but not as good sallad fingers

lol sallad fingers was in the salad (lol)

pretty good parody.. of something i thought was unable to be parodied. Looks like you prooved me wrong! XD (i lolled when harry stole the car)

Who was supposed to be the parody of Mr. Fingers?

If it was supposed to be the waiter...he reminded me of L... A trippy, LSD inspired L, maybe, but an L. Otherwise, it was pretty cool. Too many mouth words though...

HO LY F****** S***

i watched this when i wuz 4 and i crapped my pants


That was epic. Absolutely epic. Being a huge fan of Salad Fingers, I found myself laughing through nearly the whole thing. I absolutely loved the ending; that was great! It had a fresh, funny atmosphere but still kept the creepiness that all of us Salad Fingers fans loved. Keep up the great work; best Salad Fingers spoof I've seen.