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Reviews for "Pallid Fingers"


wow, that was great. i really didn't think i was gonna like it but i ended up loving it. keep up the good work. can't wait to see your other flashes.

Wow Man...

That was alot better then I thought it was gonna be. I got in my top 5 submissions of 8/1 and it only ad a 2.85 or something, but it should have been 4 something...you still got time though. I love the way you're style looks, and hopefully at least one of your other flashs that you're working on will look somewhat similar to this. Maybe if that Henry guy (from salad fingers) ahd some kinda voice...deeper and darker i would have been a bit better in my opinion, but I gae you a 5 anyways lol. Well, keep up the good work man! And Im hoping to see you're other 3 flashs soon!

I loved it!

I'm a HUGE fan of Salad Fingers, and when I saw this I thought it was going to be utterly annoying... but on the contrary it was rather amusing!

I loves the "wigga" scribble head... very funny.

The end was creepy, but I loved it! Great job, I await more! :-D

I had a lot of fun with this flash.

I frequent Newgrounds quite often, and very rarely do I review a flash movie. You did a good job to make me spend the time to review in the first place.

First off, I would like to say that the Salad Fingers series is a complete joke. Granted, I personally could not do a better job at making a flash movie than David Firth, but I know when things are blown way out of proportion.

I have watched all of the Salad Fingers episodes up to date, and I don't get the same vibes that I hear most people get. The cartoons seem to cater to those who want to be angsty and spend all of their time breathing in aerosol and slitting their wrists. I see these types all of the time. And quite frankly, I don't get it. I've suffered from chronic depression, and have been diagnosed with diassociative identity disorder. People who act like they have problems literally piss me off.

Your movie did an excellent job emulating the various facets that Salad Fingers represents. Even though your two characters didn't fit in with the situation at all, it enhanced the stupidity and the sheer exaggeration that Salad Fingers portrays.

The graphics were excellent. It started out very simplistic, with scribbles and limited color. I enjoy this. It's very rough and sketchy. David Firth does this with his movies as well, except he incorprates a great deal of earth tones and very neutral colors.

The sound was alright. It had a lot better quality than most movies. I heard no crackles or pops from a crappy microphone. You did a good job with this. The volume and tone was appropriate for the movie.

I gave you a 5 on violence. There wasn't any slapstick violence or hack n' slash involved. However, the streaming blood effects were an excellent addition to the movie. Violence doesn't make a good movie, but it certainly adds to specific situations. It's good to see a movie isn't made for the violence completely.

You had a play button, an again button, and a link to your website. I think that's good. That's all the movie needed. Any more, like most of the more famous flash artists have to various websites, stores, fan clubs, and other movies is just plain obnoxious. This was perfect for me.

This movie was hilarious. It was very close to what David does in his videos, except for the fact that it was a complete parody. I loved the character who used way too much slang. He was so unurban that it made it extremely sarcastic. The pauses in the dialog made the characters seems incredibly stupid. Stupidity is the basis for humor.

All in all, this was an excellent flash. I hope that this will make some folks realize how much they are overreacting over Salad Fingers. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see your upcoming flash movies soon.

Also, despite what I've said about David's movies, I still think he's a excellent artist. Keep up the good work, guys!


What a great flash, not overly funny but still interesting. Love the distorted computer speech and the squizzly lines for a mouth when the fingers guy spoke... Keep up the good work