Reviews for "Pedestrian Plower"


that was preatty cool but when the car went out side where I couldn't see it I lost it and quit.

dmr8740 responds:

Yeah, that's why i put a reset car button.

Some people are so stupid...

great base.

i agree with the post of 5 tips, ill post some of mine too...
1.maybe add a turbo (?)
2.a little more pedrestians
3.make them a little slower- its hard controling that car
4.right now the reverse isnt really needed since it goes real slow...

and of course add those other 5 tips :P

needs blood

i liked it but it needs some blood to make it more entertaining

dmr8740 responds:

i don't agree with you. i will not add more blood in version 2. sorry.

2 things

You should make the edges of the screen loop around, of course. For the last few minutes I just kept clicking the reset car button and smashed a bunch of people. You should do something to prevent this, like getting rid of the random positioning of the car. Make it so you can't regenerate on a space occupied by a person.

People have done this better

It may not be out in the U.S. I don't know, but this game has been done in 3d, whit blood, and much better sound effects. The name?
Type in 'Carmageddon series' at any search engine on the web. Those games rock! This game, by the way, is crap!