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Reviews for "Pedestrian Plower"

good fun

this was a good game but when you ran them over there was no blood they just got blacked out a little blood goes a long way

great base.

i agree with the post of 5 tips, ill post some of mine too...
1.maybe add a turbo (?)
2.a little more pedrestians
3.make them a little slower- its hard controling that car
4.right now the reverse isnt really needed since it goes real slow...

and of course add those other 5 tips :P


Great idea for a plot for a game, but would "gah" be all YOU could say if a several-thousand-pound vehicle got rammed up your poop chute? No, sir! :)

Vs.2.0 will definitely be top 50 material

This was good for a start. Keep it up.(i say that a lot)


it was a ripoff from another game off ng BUT i didnt rate it low for that

1. needs blood
2.needs music

still quite enjoyable