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Reviews for "Pedestrian Plower"

Pretty cool

Just add blood and maybe some other cars to choose from? It gets boring really quickly.

dmr8740 responds:

its funny how "Car Simulation", my other car game, and the engine this game is based off of, gets a much higher rating than this.


I'm sure you don't give two shits about my opinion, but I think this game would be greatly improved if there was blood when the people got plowed. Skid marks from braking would be a bonus too.

dmr8740 responds:

I might add skid marks in version 2, but i don't believe that a game needs a lot of blood (or any blood at all) to be good.

So predictable....

Come on, man! Couldn't you have thought of something else than runnig over people? I think you should make a racing game or even better, a destruction derby game!!! Anyway, don't fall into easy, gory violence... It's better for you..

needs more

hey this game is really kool but needs more like in car views better car graphics better people maybe animals also make more kinds of places to play maybe the park or the store and i played the 2nd one you bneed to take awaythe time that sux ass.


It's good to see someone making an effort on the programming side! If you enjoy this, then your sense of humour would probably stretch to WRATH (see my profile)