Reviews for "Pedestrian Plower"


Now you've added people, why don't you add some static cars in the car park, animals and blood?

P.S Great actionscripting!!!!


Very good considering it's small downloading size. I would have liked to see a bit more blood. You could try extending this game and get into the top 50. Reminds me of a really, really basic version of GTA. Good work. When's the sequel coming?

not bad for a mini game

the graphics were very smooth and went with the flow of the physics so it gave you the basic feeling of the game. the sounds were funny even though the only sounds were the pedestrian screams they were still good. the gameplay like i said was very smooth, but also fun to learn to harness.

1) you should make it to where you can make the car honk, just as a basic warcall

2)you should make pickups like maybe a simple projectile or a speed boost

3) you should be able to change the color of your car just for customization

basically a good try i hope to see more updated versions of this in the future.

Good for testing your mad skillz! :D


I played this when i was drinkin' and the little guys running from my car made it a mission,a mission my drunk ass couldn't catch,slimy little strait shits * )