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Reviews for "Pedestrian Plower"

Merely okay. Bubblechug 64 1/2 is better.

This is basically a very simple, non-violent version of Bubblechug 64 1/2, a very good freeware game for Windows. Don't bother to play this, just go download Bubblechug. http://gamehippo.com/cgi-bin/h ippo_download.pl?id=326 <--- direct link to the download. Enjoy! And be sure to vist the web site, they may have a later version.


it is a fairly old idea that was made worse by
1) so-so graphics
2) bad sound
3) repetitive game play

if u had made it better in these and more areas, it would have been enjoyable for at least 5 more minutes.

tottaly sucks i have flash 8 and it dosen't work

by the way i couldn't even play it


How the hell did this shit get all these votes?

It totally bite's to lame to be a game on NG.

Ummm.It really needs work on graphic's,sound effect's,and try to make it where there is more gore and more sounds like screams and shouts and car sounds.Also if you could see from the car it would make it more realistic.A-DUH