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Reviews for "kegel: stopping for gas"


it was ok i guess

solid flash

long time, no see. its been
awhile since the last episode,
but its great to see it in the
works and in my opinion, its
the best ever. the animation
seems more fluid then previous
incarnations and liquidly smooth
in motion. the humor is still appealing
with the end there with the raisen box,
honestly...who does that, lol? voicework
is solid and adds character, but lack of
music kinda dulls the experience, though
only somewhat.
score: ***


it cool

Wasn't as funny as it was easy to relate to.

Thats realy the way it is with kids.


I enjoyed every bit of this. I can't believe that I ahven't seen this series before. I hope to see lots and lots more! Hillarious and clever voice acting, and one great style of animation. Love it.