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Reviews for "kegel: stopping for gas"


HAHAHAhahAHAhAHahaHAAHah, yes.

not into this

The graphics were good, but I didn't find any humor in it. I'm sure others do, I'm just giving my opinion. Spruce this series up a bit.


the only thing that was bad about this was the fact that there was no logo-sound! Otherwise this episode is just as great as all the others, great work! KEGEL ROXX!

It's damned good.

This was the cartoon that got me hooked on the series. I loved the voices, the animation, the characters, the quirky humor - it's all excellent.

Only good the first few times you watch it.

The jokes were pretty funny but the movie was waaaay too short. In my opinion, pretty much all the other Kegel movies are better and longer than this. So just saying that i hope you do better next time jato.