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Reviews for "Super Mario Bros HD"

Holy cow this is incredible!

I don't know if you're good with making games but do you think this can become a reality one day? I mean personally if I were to offer some criticism is that you should try to make it a bit more like the modern Mario. But dont get me wrong I love this art style. Maybe you should see if you can find someone to work with you on making this a reality. That said great job.

Dude, this is awesome! I love everything about it; it's a nice mix of modern detail and retro nostalgia. I think I like the backgrounds of each scene the best. They add a whole new level of depth to each scene, from the pleasant hills to the mushroom trees above the clouds to the eerieness of the sewers and finally to the dark majesty of Bowser's castle. This is incredible and I hope to see more like this!

You mean - what if Mario had sex with Braid :)...
lol - amazing job anyhow!!

This game needs to be made for XBLA and iTunes.
God, somebody do this right now! DX

Braid :D