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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

Damn funny

I was able to help not laughing out loud until the 2nd Guile comes in and they start saying "sonic boom" to each other. I damn near fell outta my seat when I saw that.

Your style is great.


Not bad, Guile was my favorite Street Fighter II character. :D


Haha its nice to see a comic parody about your favorite SF character. I missed seeing the hair-combing scene.


Okay flash, nice story and concept for this.
The art could improve in the closeups including the girl. The shadow effects were awesome though.
The voice-acting for the girl should have more emotion and be better, imo. It killed some of it for me. :(

Okay at Best

I kinda of like this flash. It makes no sense and is as funny as heck. I liked how you made fun of people who spam the Sonic Boom move for Guile. It was also kind of funny when the two Guiles started saying "Sonic Boom!" over & over again. My only major concern is how the characters looked. I don't really liked how you drawn them. Still, this movie is pretty good. Keep up the good work.