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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

cheeasy but fun

yeah thats good ol fun

Sonic...Sonic...Sonic Boom...Boom...Sonic Boom...

I was actually going to do a review with only 2 words in it, but, screw it. Nice work dude, origional, funny, and some NICE origional moves. For any serious street fighter fans, they'd notice that those are practically exactly every frame they do with their moves. Very nice man, takes me back...


You win! *sound of 14,700 points*

Or whatever the hell it was for winning while taking a single pixel of damage. I know it was less than half of a perfect's value (30, 50 or 80K), but it suits this movie.

Basically, what we have here is a glorified 1-round SF movie.

However, instead of sprites, you went and apparently traced over them for your graphics. This gives it a bit of its own style, but style isn't everything.

Basically, Jane's bitching Guile out about various things, and brings in P2 as the 'other man'.

I noticed a few things during the fight you might wanna address:

P2 Guile had P1's lifebar name. Since the colors on both Guile P2 and in the background suggest being based on Champion Edition, the name colors need swapped (pressing Start ALWAYS gave the silver-colored name). Or, you could base it on Hyper Fighting and make the 'alternate' Guile blue (and since those were the defaults, the names would be right).

What happened to Guile's really, err, 'inventive' block pose? You know the one... leaned WAY back with his arms over his head.

If the time was infinite, why not say so? And why not let the spoils go to the victor (bonus tally)?

However, for a first submission, you seme to have done your research well. I also liked how easy to understand the voices were.

If you keep at it, you can only get better. Just remember, the simple actions such as standing and walking are just as important as the punches and kicks used.

I will be eagerly awaiting an update to this or your next parody, whichever comes first.

Duggfresh3 responds:

You really know your Street Fighter. I'm really impressed with what you picked up on. I overlooked more than I thought. I'll go back to it eventually, but in the near future I'll probably start another street fighter or other video game parody.


Now I'm gonna have 'sonic boom' stuck in my head for a while, very nice.

I would appreciate some subtitles, though.

Sonic Boom to you, too!

Love the joke! Seeing that this is from 2005, I can't complain about the art and audio much. I would've liked to see more comedy like this.