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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

That was funny. :D

What's with Guile saying,"Sonic Boom!" all the time. That was funny. Plus the graphics were very good when the fight started. You're an artist man! Good job. You get a 10.

sonic boom

lol guile was like my favorite fighter of that game the hol thing i liked lol actually looks like the level and shit well i guss i need to stop blabin and give this shit all 5 points it deservs


Too damn hilarious. haha

the funniest street fighter thing about gulie

SONIC BOOM... HAHAHA. to make it a liiiittle bit funnyer. you should have made him say sonic boom when he beet the other gulie instead of are you man enough or somthing like that. but this is so damn funny. keep up the great work

XD Gule theme goes with this flash

"Always sonic boom, never how was your day Jane?" HAHA I was cracking up at that, this was short and funny I liked it :P