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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"


ah memmories of hitn' the nickelrama arcade and playing SFII for hours and hours and waitn' for hours too

Great for any Street Fighter fan!

I loved this flash so much especially since Guile was my fav character in Street Fighter II. The jokes and the music just went in so great and I loved the stuff his wife would keep complaining about. "But he wasnt man enough to fight you." After that line I was cracking up! Great work Im saddened that you havent made any more... :\

Guile Owns

HAHAAHAH This is Great,Woman> Guile, Guile>Sonic Boom Woman>Who ware you talk ?, Guile>Boom :D.

This is great :D

Guile approves

What? He really does, check his page.

Great Job

You did a great job with the fight scene especially when Guile did his special and he has to duck down for what feels like an hour when you play the game. But I enjoyed the video