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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

That was pretty good...

Nice use of the word 'Sonic Boom'. Very funny indeed. When the Guiles were fighting, boy was that hilarious.


it was funny that Guile Kept saying the same thing over and over *Sonic Boom. Plus this was something new instead of Street Fighter Charecters Fighting. I give you extra redit for that. keep up the good work.

OMFG! A time paradox!

It wasn't funny at all. Oh, and you should make a sprited remake of this flash, and have Guile say "Sonic Boom!" instead of "Are you man enough to fight me?" when he wins. That's how you should improve this flash.

Sonic Boom gives out good laughs.

Funny as hell,the script was genius with the girl and Guile saying "Sonic Boom" was hilarous then when the other Guile came in the picture that was also funny,it seemed throughout the whole video i was laughing along the way also the fight was fun to watch.

Oh My Gosh.....Whoever Made this is Freaking Awesome.....It may Not be Completely Perfect when it Comes to Frame Rate, but I still Laughed Really Hard when I Realized he wouldn't Stop saying Sonic Boom. I'll have to Check Out Your Stuff Sometime :)