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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

Sonic...Sonic...Sonic Boom...Boom...Sonic Boom...

I was actually going to do a review with only 2 words in it, but, screw it. Nice work dude, origional, funny, and some NICE origional moves. For any serious street fighter fans, they'd notice that those are practically exactly every frame they do with their moves. Very nice man, takes me back...


cheeasy but fun

yeah thats good ol fun

i like this alot

i was never expecting it to go that way at all but nice work, very funny.

That was pretty good...

Nice use of the word 'Sonic Boom'. Very funny indeed. When the Guiles were fighting, boy was that hilarious.

Damn funny

I was able to help not laughing out loud until the 2nd Guile comes in and they start saying "sonic boom" to each other. I damn near fell outta my seat when I saw that.

Your style is great.