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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

sonic boom

lol guile was like my favorite fighter of that game the hol thing i liked lol actually looks like the level and shit well i guss i need to stop blabin and give this shit all 5 points it deservs

not bad had a good laugh out of it

good job this wasnt bad at all i am a big Street Fighter fan and i love it i had a very good laugh out of it keep up the good work

Great for any Street Fighter fan!

I loved this flash so much especially since Guile was my fav character in Street Fighter II. The jokes and the music just went in so great and I loved the stuff his wife would keep complaining about. "But he wasnt man enough to fight you." After that line I was cracking up! Great work Im saddened that you havent made any more... :\


this was a humorous original flash. cudos to you man!

hah ironic very ironic

street fighter or sonic.heh and another thing why guile is only saying sonic boom.lol