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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

OMFG! A time paradox!

It wasn't funny at all. Oh, and you should make a sprited remake of this flash, and have Guile say "Sonic Boom!" instead of "Are you man enough to fight me?" when he wins. That's how you should improve this flash.

the funniest street fighter thing about gulie

SONIC BOOM... HAHAHA. to make it a liiiittle bit funnyer. you should have made him say sonic boom when he beet the other gulie instead of are you man enough or somthing like that. but this is so damn funny. keep up the great work


Too damn hilarious. haha


"Can't you at least say 'Flash Kick'?"

Guile is my 2nd favorite.

Yes Guile is my 2nd favorite fighter in the game and E.Honda is my 1st favorite. Oh I almost forgot that in the Street Fighter Movie Guile's full name is William F. Guile!