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Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

brings back memories!

duuuude. i always played street fighter on the super nintendo when i was younger, and i loved playing as guile, so this made me laugh a lot. the sonic boom argument really got me, and the fight scene was excellently animated. however, jane's voice actress was pretty...well, bad. no emotion or anything. but everything else was very well done.

Okay at Best

I kinda of like this flash. It makes no sense and is as funny as heck. I liked how you made fun of people who spam the Sonic Boom move for Guile. It was also kind of funny when the two Guiles started saying "Sonic Boom!" over & over again. My only major concern is how the characters looked. I don't really liked how you drawn them. Still, this movie is pretty good. Keep up the good work.


that was so retarded, its funny how they both keep saying sonic boom!


The sonic boom argument was hilarious.Voices need a little tweaking though.


that was pretty sweet. the animation could've been better, but on the whole pretty good. especially the fight at the end. guile has got to be the worst character in sf2. u have to wait forever while the move is charging, and the other dude is spamming handoken.