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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


I kept the song looping over and over because I just love that song. Did you happen to play this on your piano? Just wanted to know....

jackie1188 responds:

I improvised it on the Keyboard, but only half speed, and recordet the Midi-Data onthe PC, mastered and sampled it.
But thank you very much for the Rewiew.
I always feel proud if people tell me, they're listening to my music over and over.

Real great XD

Plz send me sheet music of it someday -.- i beg u -.- ill give u a 5 on everything u ever make, and if u play any games i can prob give u money on whatever u play

Mario kicks ass

I could listen to this song for hours. Man, I have been waiting for someone to put out a version of this song like this. I am happy to have finally found a good one. I'll keep checking in for new songs, keep up the good work. PEACE

Your my hero

This is without a dought the best piano playing i have ever heard for a remake!!(and im reviewing this two years after you made it) There is no possible way this could have been made any better. I just want to let you know that your my hero.

P.S. It would be awsome for you to make some more of this type of music to something like zelda or any other game(im sure it would be awsome)


you play it so perfect there wasnt any wrong in it and you even mastered it by making it better then the normal its just so awesome and perfect