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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


Hey I really enjoyed this and I'm impressed that a 16 year-old did this! But then again, I'm American so my expectations aren't very high. so when something this cool comes around I'm blown away! I would most definitely use this in a flash some day. Good job man!

jackie1188 responds:

Feel free to use it at any time, i would be pleased.
And thanks for your Rewiew!!!

brings back memories

ahhh.... very soothing and you did it with the piano really well... overall awesome and beautiful.

It was...beautiful...(8,)

A masterpiece. Enough said.


fast playing on piano that is totaly hard
anyways great job keep em up

luv this gettin mario jiggy with it) I downloaded this song it has a nice calm melody puts me to sleep every night) side effect though lol I have dreams about Mario weird lol