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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

ahh the piano is great

jackie your great at this do more like this

Yay Mix it!

Truely great redoing of the Super Mario Land main theme. I had lots of fun playing the game but I would have to say I had just as much or more fun listening to this mix. Great variety of how you played it. My only annoyance that I could find was how at times, usualy during transitions, you sort of blured notes together, a bit irritating but thats it. A totaly wonderful peice.


Really a plessure listening, funny how you turn something as simple as mario, almost jazzy :)

Very Unique!

I'm guessing the mix is the switch in beats?
This is really good, it's sort of like a serenade, with it's peaceful atmosphere.
I agree with animelovingcanadian, this does sound like Kirby's Epic Yarn, since they used mostly pianos and soft instruments.

5/5 10/10 Fav Download
All 4 = Instant Awesome

Oldschool yet cool.

I like this song.So trust me you shuld tell me where you got it.I like classics.