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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


it really is! I absolutely love this, not because i'm a mario fanboy that loves all things mario related but because it sounds excellent! I have a wide music taste and hear alot of music and i must say this is, well, excellent :D


This piece goes from good to awesome. It has great articulation and beat. I nice spin-off of the "real-deal". Well done. The first about 47 seconds may cause you to turn this one off but then it adds a few nice chords in there to spice things up. I love it.


A happy little tone that can brighten any dull day. Reminds me of the old days when people wear those black suits and ride on trollies. You know like those black and white movies.

wonderful artist!

I checked out your other songs and I like how your skill is very consistent. You must have a natural talent or have been hard working to practice your skill.


i liked it alot! its so bad ass!!!!!