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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


I'm gonna have to come up with my own immatation of your Superb song but immations are never close to the real deal

First audio review

and its a joy to make it. that song was amazing, I love it! its going striaght to my Xbox 360 (after going to a CD, that is) Very enjoyable song, it deserves a 2x platinum track thingy.

Not Bad Skills

I always love hearing this song being played on piano, since it is a good song and is best fit to be played on the piano. This song is also used on a lot of submissions and I guess it's for a good reason. This song it tight, crazy skills on some major parts. Anyways good luck with you and the piano, you got potential and skill.


Was this all done on a actual piano?

please tell me you have sheet music!

dude you have to hit me back and give me some sheet music for that. i'd love to learn how to play this on the piano.

it would be greatly appreciated.

this is the best mario piano song that i've ever heard put together! amazing job. you should really be the next great composer of our generation!