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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"


MARIO RULEZ!!!!!!!!!


...beautiful,I like it.I feel like I'm @ symphony.


I thought no one could pull this off. This is the best. Make another mario related piece on the piano! Kudos!

this is the real number one

the best videogame remix in newgrounds ever!! the feeling, the harmony, all was very good!! but normal people (im not normal) thinks loud drums and complicated fx mixed with a vgmusic midi with synths is the best remix in the world... is sad REAL music like this isnt ranked better. good job.


That's a blast from the past! I never thought I'd hear that old gameboy game be put into something so magnificant as what you created. You are a truly talented pianist and I think you should keep doing remixes of classic games like this because they just blow me away!

Please, keep practicing and keep making music, you have alot to offer as a musician.