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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

It cool

I like it its cool how you changed the music i think this audio should be used in a real live mario game lol Anyway good music


This is great. Do you make a living on playing for people or is this just a hobby. Do you have still have the sheet you used to play this? If you do can you sent it to me.


You`re some good pianoist

I love this.

That's it. It's just awesome. I gotta learn how to play it on my piano =)

yes yes very very great....

toattly awesome audio but the problem is that u stole this music!!!!!!!1111 i use to have the really old video game for gameboy black and white lol. also it has the same theme song as ur audio but it seems so i like and i won't tell :)

jackie1188 responds:

It is the song from your Video Game (Super Mario) but I didn't steal it, I just did a remake of it, wich means I take the original Theme, and edit it in my own style, make it sound different.
This is variation, and not stealing, since I have called it "Mario Mix for Piano"