Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"

luigi got owned

still do u hate mario or something?????... any who good job with the explosions

JonBro responds:

Do I hate Mario?
That's just like asking me if I hate StrawberryClock. I like Mario, I just think it would be funny if he got away from beating up Bowser and start beating up himself :P

It was good...

...But it did kinda looked like it was rushed. You definetely have talent.

JonBro responds:

Oh, it was rushed... kind of. If you play the movie enough times, you'll see how the carpet, the back wall, and the dresser change, right?

It took a LONG time to draw two pixely-looking dressers!

eh.. not as funny as the last..

This one was a lil bit overdone..
There is always one finishing move that puts the crowd in awe... throwing a TV at someone and blowing them up..

JonBro responds:

I know, it's hard to beat No. 3. I just had to make more.

i know its a short, but its waaaaaaaaay to short

ok, the grapics were pretty nice but could be improved, the sound wasnt really all that great considering there wasnt much, and there was some violence in it. i laughed when i saw it so i gave it a high score in humor. You need to make this longer.

Still not good but...

It was better than the other three. But it wasn't really good. I was bored of seeing Mario exploding all the time. I was going ot say "Not again!" but I was happy to see that he got his revenge. Thanks god that was the last of this stupid series, now I'm going to watch your other movies.