Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


This animation was interesting. I loved the bombs going off and stuff. The fight seen was funny. Keep on doing whatever you do.

JonBro responds:

Yeah. I should have made the fight scene less shaky... Hrm.

At least someone thought it was funny!

yea mario kick his ass

that's what u get luigi. nicework

I really wouldn't wanna be luigi !! X3

This is hilarious!!!
(poor luigi now for the rest of his life all he'll smell is mario's farts & BUTT)
From: Da Fox

Nice Work

I found myself watching it repeatedly to see the background change Why just mario getting blown up. How bout the whole house going up in flames or something like Peach walking in and blowing up. Things like that... Overall i found it very entertaining and funny. Im a huge mario fan but sometimes you just have to stick it to the plumber

ok i was wrong.

This is the funniest video of ur 4 video series.