Reviews for "A Super Mario short 3"

OMG!!! Hilarious!

LMAO!!! Thats soooo funny! I had to watch it like 10 times for me to stop laughing so hard! This is goin' on my favs.


and i've also noticed that when you click the replay button, the design of the rug changes. YAY EXPLOSIONS!

go luigi go luigi go go luigi(XD)

that was a setup man! luigi done funked up mario


How is it voilent

JonBro responds:

They all call it violent because
1. Bob-ombs and explosions
2. It appears that Mario dies
3. Luigi threw a TV
I think.

Thanks for the review!


WELL OK luigi kicks marios ass. ..............and its short...............
(insert point here}

JonBro responds:

(1. I felt like making something}
(2. Luigi doesn't get enough credit}
(3. Everyone likes violence, apparently}
(4. You rated this an 8 on humor}

There's four points, which is also what you rated this movie.