Reviews for "A Super Mario short 3"

That's Hularious!

Chug the TV at the guy! Yeah!


well heres the thing i thought it was a kool movie but it was way to short andf i dont care if it didnt have a storyline it was still too short

JonBro responds:

It was MEANT to be short. In my Author's Comments, I said you SHOULDN'T rate it on how short it was.

...it's called A Super Mario SHORT.

Like all your other shit...

this is awsome!! I wanna see more nowwwww!!!!!! come on please i wuv you dammit i want more sprites

JonBro responds:

you say this is awesome!! You will see more soonnnnn!!!!! i will edit more sprites

Yeah, I will. Don't worry.

more funny randomness

holy shit that was good, you keep submitting these and ill keep giving you a 5, deal?

JonBro responds:

Wait... a deal?


I'll see what I can do.

(More exploding Marios, of course!)

Heh heh...

That was funny...

JonBro responds:

I nearly died laughing when I made it, so I agree that it was funny.

Good luck with your Resident Evil clock movie!