Reviews for "A Super Mario short 3"


OH SHIT! That was so unexpected i loved it!!!!

you get 10/10 for this!

JonBro responds:



it was great

it was short, but thats in the name Super mario SHORT

it made me laugh

keep making things like this because they are really great

hmmm........im just curious...is anything going to include TOAD or YOSHI anytime soon?

i tried to make 5 ways of toad abuse but it didnt go well

ah well.....

anyways...i look forward to your next bit of work ;)

JonBro responds:

The full-length movie might include Toad or Yoshi. I'm still not sure about Wario.

That gave me a laugh!

The idea was funny and I liked the sound and animaion. The explosions were really funny. But it was just too short. Make a full length version were maybe Mario gets back at Luigi. Maybe they get in a Matrix style fight I dont know, just make it longer somehow but keep the humor!

JonBro responds:

Uh... how about a full-length movie that actually involves Mario and Luigi NOT fighting? ...because that's what I'm currently working on.

I'm not sure how humorous that the movie will tend to be, but sooner or later I'll get back to these shorts and rack up the humor.

This was really funny Go luigi!!

I liked the idea of the changing wall and or wardrobe and the use of the bombs, But the zoom in on mario was unnessary but the zoom on luigi was ok. Sound was good too.

JonBro responds:

Um... the zoom-in on Mario was KIND of necessary... Mario jumped over instead of tripping over the bomb, so I'm pretty sure it went okay.

Sound came from a1freesoundeffects.com and findsounds.com, music I don't remember.

Luigi kicks ass

That was freakin awsome!

JonBro responds:

Yes, Luigi in freaking awesome. He'll probably fight more when the time comes... and throw more TVs.