Reviews for "A Super Mario short 3"

short but..

FUCKING HILARIOUS like the rest of these other shorts, just seeing how random these shorts are, is funny alone, more more!

JonBro responds:

I'll try to make no. 5 as random as possible (without making Mario or Luigi leave their house or going over the randomness line) just as soon as my big movie's done.

Getting Better

I've watched all of these shorts so far and this one runs and looks the smoothest so far. I do have to agree with some of the other reviews that the floor and wall needs to look more mario like. What I did like with this one though was that it was pretty cool that the wall and dresser changed on the Replay. That was a neat thing to add.

JonBro responds:

Meh, the floor took a while to make. I'm too lazy to change it.

Oh, and what you said about the dresser and the back wall changing, it also sometimes changes the carpet!


Pretty good

I liked it=) But one thing.. The wall doesn't look Mario-like.. So does the floor.. IMO you could've used better tiles for those.. But overall very nice.

JonBro responds:

No wonder the floor didn't look Mario-like. I made it myself :P

...and the wall.

That rock'ed!!

Very funny,I liked how you used the actual music from the game.I dont care what the others think,it was hilarious :).4\5

JonBro responds:

Yeah, even though there's SNES graphics with NES game music, it's still all Mario, so it fits quite well!


that shit was just plain stupid wasnt even the least bit funny

JonBro responds: