Reviews for "SpaceFarer (8-bit)"

I <3 it!

Wow! I like it! 5 points! 10 stars!
Reminds me of something, don't know what...


great piece.


remends me on pokemon and zelda

Most imspessive

It's not often you hear an 8-bit chiptune of such great quality. It definitely has that spacefaring feel to it. Some people say that it sounds like Pokemon. But, personally, it reminds me more of Gunstar Heroes, done in 8-bit style. Though, I doubt many remember that game... Oh, well.

Anyway, great job. Way to throw us back to the 8-bit awesomeness of our old days.

-Crossel left his mark here...

This is 8 bit awesome

This is great man what did you use to make this? i use a key bourd and cheap adio software, well not yet have not submited anything yet.