Reviews for "SpaceFarer (8-bit)"

I love the composition , everything is really great!

One of my favorite tracks

True indeed,

This IS better than Graveyard, o-m-g.... Me in love with my speakers. Keep it up, you will make Konami jealous! :D

almost perfect

if it didn't start sounding like the smb "win" music at 0:29 it would be perfect for my game.

NickPerrin responds:

You're certainly welcome to cut out certain parts that you don't find fitting if you do want to use it for a game. Feel free to message me regarding use of the track.
And thanks for the review!


Reminds me of zelda mixed in with the Back To the Future Theme, which sounds orgasmic.

This is 8 bit awesome

This is great man what did you use to make this? i use a key bourd and cheap adio software, well not yet have not submited anything yet.