Reviews for "SpaceFarer (8-bit)"


for some reason this kinda remindes me of pokemon
but this is awesome!!!!!

I <3 it!

Wow! I like it! 5 points! 10 stars!
Reminds me of something, don't know what...


resembles Mario level victory music around 30-40

Might sound selfish...

... but I'm glad you didn't wait. It keeps a great even pace. The breakbeats are appropriate and keep things bumping. Definitely has that spacey 8-bit feel. I hope it came out the way you wanted it cause this is exactly what the title promises to me. Can't wait to hear the updated version.

Very Nice

My only problem was the fact the parts didn't really remind me of the intended theme, and the theme completely changes after 00:45. But I feel that the piece didn't need that long of an opening, in my opinion.

It resembles Pokemon victory themes very much, but better.